Understanding How Mask RCNN Works for Semactic Segmentation

Mask RCNN is extension of Faster RCNN. In 2017, this is the state-of-the-art method for object detection, semantic segmentation and human pose estimation. This awesome research is done by Facebook AI Research.  This post provides video series talking about how Mask RCNN works, in paper review style. May it helps.

1. Introduction to MNC, FCIS ad Mask RCNN for Instance Aware Semantic Segmentation

2. Mask RCNN Architecture (Part1) – How Faster RCNN Works

3. Mask RCNN Archi. (Part2) – How FCN Fully Convolutional Networks Works for Semantic Segmentation

4. Mask RCNN Arc.(Part3) – How RoI Pooling, RoI Warping & RoI Align Work

5. Mask RCNN – Some Implementation Details

6. Mask RCNN – Experiment Result Discussion and Conclusion

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