About Me


My names is Ardian Umam. Currently, I am a master student in EECS (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science) Department of National Chiao Tung University – Taiwan. My study interests are deep learning for computer vision task, image processing, machine learning and data mining. I make some state-of-the-art video series of computer vision related task on my YouTube channel, such as Faster R-CNN for object detection, FCN for semantic segmentation and Mask R-CNN for instance-aware segmentation. Furthermore, I am in the middle on making Image Processing and Computer Vision video series with OpenCV code implementation in every sub-chapter in Bahasa (Indonesian language). I hope it can be some sort of open source resource for image processing and computer vision video lecture in my country, free to use in lecture, tutorial or just self learning.

Outside academic life, I am really into music. I love every type of musics which are strong in both vocal and musical tone. I listen to Lorde, OneRepublic, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys and many more. And of course, also Indonesian music, such as Sheila on 7 (I’m big fans of them), Tompi, Glen, Tulus, ERK, Barasuara, Payung Teduh and so on. I play guitar, piano, harmonica and violin. But, almost all, I am just a beginner :p

Education, (social-economic-political)development, technology and science are my favorite topics to talk about. So, I really respect people that dedicate part of their life for them. I also love to play sport, especially Badminton.

Anyway, you can reach me on :
email : ardianumam@gmail.com
linkedIn : http://linkedin.com/in/ardian-umam/
GitHub : http://github.com/ardianumam
fb : ardianumam@gmail.com
youtube : Ardian Umam
IG : ardianumam
soundcloud : ardianumam


2 thoughts on “About Me

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